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No matter what your core requirements, our team is here to guide and assist you through our broad people service offering and uniquely location independent habits, remote working 101 / virtual team workshops and confidential Zoom consultations.


Whether you are here to seek advice for your (online) company or distributed team, our team welcomes you with arms wide open. Our solutions are helpful in guiding team members through innovative strategies and we have gained a global reputation for revolutionising the freelancer experience from a people operations perspective, across borders and technologies.



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Our Portfolio

  • Creating Employee Brand Advocates

    Leaders at Company A had a strong brand and loyal employees — but they needed help turning that in-house loyalty into a brand advocacy channel.

    How We Helped: To start with, we devised a social media sharing corporate feature, making it simpler for employees to share the work Company A was doing.

    We also helped train employees in the optimal ways to use social media to share their expertise on behalf of the company. In addition, we identified the companyʼs top influencers, and helped them develop partnerships with external influencers who could further promote the brand. Finally, we helped Company A leaders develop ideas to show employees that the company appreciated their efforts in social media.

    The End Result: With a few small but significant changes, we helped Company A turn their employees into credible advocates for the company — aiding them in promoting their brand and nurturing loyalty among the wider public.

  • Increasing Well-Being and Performance

    When the well-being of a team is not at its highest level, the performance of the team suffers.

    Leaders at Company F knew that, and thatʼs why they sought our help when they began to notice patterns of poor well-being among their teams, including poor relationships, inefficient teamwork and burnout.

    Our Work: The first step in working with Company F was to identify team membersʼ main issues, and to find out which issues were most affecting the productivity of the team. We polled each team member individually, also looking to identify factors that individuals thought would help to increase their well-being. From there, we developed a plan that addressed the key issues and implemented employee suggestions for improving team relations. We also put a plan in place to reassess the teamʼs well-being at key points during the coming year.

    The Results: The action plan we created for Company F resulted in a more cohesive work flow for the various teams involved. Individuals experienced a higher level of satisfaction with their work in later surveys — demonstrating the effectiveness of the intervention.

  • Maximizing Effectiveness After an Organization or Technology Change

    Company C had recently made much-needed changes to HR technology, and subsequently to the way the business was managed. It was a positive change, but Company C leaders were concerned about a slowdown in production as employees learned to integrate to the new system.

    Our job was to get a sense of how well the new system was functioning for the people and what changes might need to happen to make the process work better.

    Our approach included:

    • Employee focus group that analyzed the new systemʼs communication process as well as organizational design.
    • Questionnaires that polled employee attitudes about the system, and how employees skills were being applied to the new system.
    • Developing an action plan to address gaps in the new system.
    • Regular follow-up to ensure any new issues were addressed.

    The End Result: With our help, leaders were able to manage employee concerns and to handle issues before they became major problems. As a result, Company Cʼs production levels stayed on track throughout the transition, and even went up as the new technology was integrated. 



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