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Cross Cultural Rules At Work

Cross Cultural Rules With Remote Work

Companies that have a diverse employee base have a lot to gain from those hires. A mix of cultures and life experiences can help make your business more versatile and competitive, and not to mention, just more interesting. If you hire everyone who fits in the same mold, it can…
Global Remote Work Strategy

How To Build A Successful Global Remote Work Strategy

Establishing a remote work team can lower stress levels, boost productivity, increase diversity and job satisfaction. However, working remotely doesn’t have to be all or nothing.  If your staff are local, offering the option to work remotely, part-time allows employees more flexibility and better work-life balance.  The key to building…
Mindfulness Productivity

Mindful Productivity And Working From Home

How to navigate work and home life successfully. In traditional workplaces, there has long been a reluctance to the concept of working from home.  Bosses, supervisors, and team leaders uncomfortable with the lack of supervision to ensure employees were doing the ‘right thing’.  The truth is entirely the opposite.  Studies…